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Our Mission
Our Mission

Accelerator Technologies, Inc. seeks to develop and market Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Reactor (ADSR) nuclear power plants, which will operate in an inherently safe mode below criticality, generate no greenhouse gases, produce minimal nuclear waste with no byproducts that could be useful to terrorists, be capable of incinerating waste from conventional nuclear reactors, and efficiently use abundant thorium fuel which does not need enrichment.

Sub-critical Thorium Reactors

United States Department of Energy Study Panel Releases White Paper on "Accelerator and Target Technology for Accelerator Driven Transmutation and Energy Production" that finds that superconducting RF technology is appropriate for these applications and that the US is behind much of the world in the R&D needed for its implementation.

Recent News

Dr. Rolland Johnson, ATI's Chief Science officer, responds to a Sept. 14th article in the Washington Post entitled "The Nuke Next Door."
The small, modular reactors described in...

New York Times Publishes Dr. Rolland Johnson's Letter Addressing Nuclear Energy Safety Issues
Dr. Rolland Johnson, ATI's Chief Science Officer, addresses potential safety issues with current nuclear power plants ...

Muons, Inc. Awarded Six New DOE Phase II Grants worth $4.5 Million
Rolland P. Johnson, Ph.D. founder and CEO of Muons, Inc., an affiliate of ATI, announced that in August six new U.S. Department of Energy Grants were awarded to Muons, Inc. to ...

Muons, Inc., an affiliate of ATI, Announces its Most Successful Year Ever
The August, 2010 award of six new DOE Phase II Research & Development Grants, the four Phase I Grants awarded previously and the several contracts...

ATI/Muons Hires Dr. Masahiro Notani
ATI/Muons has just hired Dr. Masahiro Notani to work on our ADSR Research & Development.

ATI/Muons Receives Research Contract with Los Alamos National Lab
ATI/Muons has just received a research contract with Los Alamos National Laboratory to construct ....



Accelerator Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is a nuclear energy research company founded for the purpose of bringing Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Reactor (ADSR) technology to the commercial electricity generation industry.

Our Technology

Our Technology

Muons Inc. is a leader in the study of the "beam switching and control" concept behind a novel type of accelerator driven nuclear power reactor.


As we all know, the global energy needs of our planet are increasing at a rapid rate.
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